Your Guide to an OCT Examination | by R.Woodfall
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Your Guide to an OCT Examination

If you’ve been having some difficulty with your vision then you might be asked to have an OCT scan by your optician. An OCT scan is nothing to worry about, it’s an advanced eye examination that allows your optician to see every aspect of your eye. This means they can detect any potential problems with your eye health. 

Many eye care providers offer an OCT scan if need be, it’s an accurate and effective way of determining what problems you may have with your eyes.

How does it work?

An OCT works by taking around 1000 images of your eye, behind your eye, and your optic nerve. These images are then layered to present an incredibly detailed image of your eye. This allows your optician to detect any abnormalities that can lead to eye conditions, which can help prevent them from worsening. 

This advanced scan allows opticians a detailed look into the goings-on in your eye. If anything is detected then a tailored treatment plan will be mapped out for you by your optician. 

What does an OCT scan detect?

There’s a wide range of eye conditions and concerns that an OCT scan is able to pick up on. These include: glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. An OCT scan can even detect damage to the optic nerve too. 

This makes an OCT an incredible tool for opticians as they can see easily and clearly most optical problems with your eyes, and can then map out a treatment plan for you. 

Why you should have an OCT scan

If your optician recommends an OCT scan for you then you should have one. An OCT scan can detect any eye conditions you may have, and you can then be treated for them to improve your vision. As well as being treated for a condition you do have, an OCT scan can detect a developing condition, meaning your optician could prevent it if caught in time. 

An OCT scan is always within your best interest and is an effective way to detect eye conditions. 

If you’re worried about your eye health then visiting your local optician is the best optician for you. Your optician can identify any issues you may be having and treat them for you. If you live in these areas then why not visit one of our clinics here at R Woodfall. Our team of friendly professionals are here to help you.