How To Maintain Good Eye Health | By R.Woodfall Opticians
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How to Maintain Good Eye Health

It’s just as important to take care of your eyes like you would to the rest of your body. Your eyes are so important, they’re your way of processing information about the world around you. If you want to take better care of your eyes, but you’re not sure how, then you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we want to give you some of the best ways to maintain your eye health to help prevent the chances of visual impairments in the future.

The following is a list of ways you can help keep your eyes healthy. 

Wear your sunglasses 

Protecting your eyes from the sun is vital for maintaining good eye health. The sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage the eye if overexposed. If you send too much time in the sun without protecting your eyes then you’re at risk of developing photokeratitis, an eye condition that results in temporary discomfort and pain.

It’s been found that long term overexposure to the sun may also increase your risk of developing serious eye conditions such as cataracts, eye cancer, and macular degeneration. This is why it’s important to protect your eyes with UV protection. 

Here at R Woodfall, we have a range of sunglasses that provide protection and comfort to your eyes in the sun. Our UV filtered lenses can combine with your usual prescription lenses, so you don’t have to keep switching between the two in the summer months. 

Visit your local optician 

The best way to keep your eyes healthy is to visit your local eye care provider. Your local optician can perform a comprehensive eye examination on you to determine the health of your eyes. These tests can also detect the early onset of a variety of eye conditions, giving your optician the chance to catch them before they worsen.

If you’re looking for a professional optician practice in and around London, we have clinics in these various locations. We’d love to help you with any eye concerns you have.

Diet & exercise 

Like the rest of your body, diet and exercise can also help improve your eye health. Eating a nutrient rich diet can really help keep your eyes healthy. It’s been found that fatty fishes that contain a lot of omega 3 are great for your eye health. Dark leafy greens such as spinach are also beneficial. 

Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight is also a great way to reduce your risk of developing vision problems. It’s important to get a bit of exercise regularly when you can to reduce the amount of intraocular pressure within your eyes that can lead to glaucoma.If you’re concerned about your eye health, feel free to contact us today.