The Different Kinds of Eye Care Services Explained | by R.Woodfall
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The Different Kinds of Eye Care Services Explained

Here at R Woodfall, we offer a wide range of eye care services across our South East clinics. We believe taking good care of your eyes throughout your life is essential for good eye health. The best way you can look after your eyes is by visiting your local optician every couple of years. This way, professional eye care experts like ourselves can properly assess your eyes and give you the eye care you need. 

So what type of eye care services do opticians offer, and how does it benefit you? This blog post explores these questions and breaks down the different kinds of eye care you can expect to receive at an optician practice. 

Routine eye test 

A routine eye test is a basic examination that your optician will carry out to assess any changes to your vision. Think of it as a general check-up test, where your optician will ask you about your eye health and any vision problems you may be having. A routine eye exam then involves a series of eye tests to assess different aspects of your vision. These tests include testing things such as your pupil reflexes, visual fields, intraocular pressure, and more.

These tests do not hurt, and are very helpful in assessing your eye health. So it’s well worth going for a check-up to ensure your eyes are healthy. 

OCT scans 

A more advanced and detailed kind of test is called an optical coherence tomography scan (OCT) and is an excellent way for opticians to see what’s going on behind your eye. An OCT scan involves a machine taking 1000 pictures of your eye and optic nerve, and it layers these images together to create a detailed image of your eye that your optician can use to detect any abnormalities. 

Lens solutions 

If you’re someone that wears glasses or contact lenses, then you know how essential they are to everyday life. At R Woodfall, we are experts in providing lens solutions that massively improve your vision by allowing you to see clearly and sharply. Visiting your local optician means they will assess your current lenses and prescription, and adjust it if necessary. This allows you to have the best possible vision. 

Frames and eyewear 

As well as making sure your eye health and vision are the best they can be, we also offer a wide range of eyewear that allows you to look and feel your best. We have a variety of frames from different brands to choose from. We know how important it is to make sure your glasses suit your face shape, which is why we have a range of options to suit everyone.

If you’re looking for an optician located in South East London, Surrey, or Kent then contact R Woodfall today.