Which Frames Are Right For Me? | by R.Woodfall
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Which Frames Are Right For Me?

Here at R Woodfall we put our customers’ comfort above all. We believe in high quality eye care services and products. This is why our range of frames are of the finest quality and all come with a one year warranty. 

All glasses-wearers know the importance of good frames. Frames quite literally frame your face, and you wear them everyday, so it’s vital that you’re happy with them. This is why we have an extensive selection of frames to suit everyone’s taste.

Complementing your face shape

Frames should complement the shape of your face. Did you know that it’s suggested that you match your frames to your face shape?

There are 7 face shapes that everyone falls into. The first step to finding your perfect lenses is identifying which face shape you have. Below we have the recommended frame shapes to complement your own face shape. Whether you have a round, square, heart, or oval shape, we have the right frames to suit you.

Round: A pair of square or rectangle frames work well on round faces. This is because the square-ness creates a nice contrast.

Square: Small and round frames are a great choice for those with square faces. Round frames balance the angular features of a square face shape, complementing it well.

Oval: If you have an oval face then a wide variety of frames suit your shape well. Larger square frames are an excellent choice, but rounder ones also work. This is due to the natural symmetry of oval faces. 

Heart: Having a heart shaped face means you’re most likely to suit oval and rounder frames. This is because the curves contrast nicely to the angular shape of a heart shaped face. 

Diamond: Cat-eye frames work exceptionally well with diamond shaped faces. This is because the angular upswept look of cat-eye frames compliments the pointy features of those with diamond faces.

Pear: Like having a heart shaped face, there’s also a wide variety of frames that suit pear shaped faces. These include: cat-eye, round, rectangle, and square frames. These frames work well with wider jaws.

Oblong: Wider and larger frames look best with an oblong face. This is because narrow frames may make your face appear longer, so opting for wide lenses is a better choice.

Match your skin tone

Your frames should be seen in a similar way to jewellery. As jewellery should compliment your features and your skin tone. Everyone has skin undertones that certain colours match better with. For example, those with warm yellow undertones often wear gold jewellery as the tones complement each other well. 

When looking for frames you should use this logic. For example, those with cool pink undertones would suit silver, grey, and blue frames. Whereas those with warm tones would match well with red, brown, and gold coloured frames. 
We stock a range of well known brands and some lesser known ones to offer a full variety of high quality frames for you. For more information about our frames, contact  our friendly team today.