Here at R. Woodfall Opticians, we are very proud to be working together with The Hearing Care Partnership and offering hearing care to our patients. You can now book an appointment with us for a full hearing assessment and an eye examination.

Did you know?

  • Men are almost twice as likely as women to have hearing loss among adults aged 20-69. [1]
  • For every line up the vision chart you go, the chance of having a problem with your hearing increases by 18%? [2]
  • By the year 2035, we estimate there’ll be around 15.6 million people with hearing loss across the UK – that’s one in five. [3]
  • Only around 40% of people who need hearing aids actually have them. [4]

The full hearing care service you can get at R Woodfall Opticians includes everything from free hearing assessments, ear wax removal, hearing protection services and free tinnitus consultations.

How to book your Free Hearing Assessments

Hearing assessments are completely free with The Hearing Care Partnership, you’ll be looked after by one of our fully qualified audiologists. You can call the practice on 020 8670 4100 to book an appointment. Depending on the outcome of your hearing assessment, you may be recommended to have hearing aids or given other hearing care advice and support.

Ear Wax Removal

You can have an ear wax removal appointment with one of our fully qualified audiologists, using the latest and safest methods, ensuring you’re comfortable and not in pain. There’s no time restrictions on your consultation and the earwax removal service also includes a quick hearing health check – all for free.

Hearing Aids

The Hearing Care Partnership offers the very latest in hearing aids from the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers. There is a huge variety in modern hearing aids so you can get the perfect aid to suit you. Some can be invisible or hidden and are incredibly discreet, while others pack a lot of technology into a tiny device so you can hear everything from chirping birds to your Bluetooth connected mobile device. Features can include rechargeable devices, Bluetooth connectivity and can even be compatible with your mobile phone (only between particular hearing aid devices and phones).

How you can Protect your Hearing

It’s not just hearing appointments that are vital but hearing protection is also important – especially if you live a busy lifestyle, enjoy live music or are showing signs of future hearing loss. The Hearing Care Partnership can offer a complete range of hearing protection services for you at R Woodfall Opticians, many of which can help protect your hearing for the future. Our specialist audiologists will be able to guide you through the different choices of hearing aids and help you to decide what best works for you.

We Offer Free Tinnitus Consultations

Tinnitus affects 6 million people in the UK alone. The condition can be referred to as “ringing in the ears” but can also sound like chirping, hissing or roaring and unfortunately, there is no known “cure” for tinnitus. However, we can talk you through how to manage it in order to continue to do all the things you love to do. Recommendations can include sound therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and even hearing aids, depending on your test results. Our tinnitus consultations with The Hearing Care Partnership are free of charge, so if it’s something you’ve been concerned about, please book an appointment and have it checked out soon.

To find out more information about all our hearing services, please visit The Hearing Care Partnership.

To book a free hearing assessment with our audiologist at R. Woodfall Opticians, call 020 8670 4100.

[1] Hoffman, Dobie, Losonczy et al. “Declining Prevalence of Hearing Loss in Adults Aged 20 to 69 years” 2017.
[2] Chia,E; Arch. Opthamol. 2006
[3] Action for Hearing Loss, Facts and Figures. 2020
[4] Action for Hearing Loss, Facts and Figures. 2020

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