Why might I consider contact lenses?

Fed up with your glasses slipping down in hot weather? Can’t wear the latest designer sun specs? Glasses steaming up when you come in from the cold? Can’t see when it rains on the golf course?

These are just a few of the reasons you might consider contact lenses.

Contact lenses are great as an addition to spectacles or to virtually replace them altogether. (It’s always advisable to have back-up spectacles, just in case you can’t wear your lenses on a particular day).

What are contact lenses?

Modern contact lenses are very versatile and suitable for most people. The best way to find out which contact lens will suit your individual requirements is to make an appointment with one of our qualified Optometrists. They will examine your eyes and will inform you which type of lens works best for your vision and lifestyle requirements.

Types of contact lenses?

  1. Daily Disposables
    These are fast becoming the most popular lens of choice for our patients. It is not difficult to see why. As the name would suggest, you use each one for a day and then throw them away. No cleaning solutions and no maintenance – just try to hit the bin when you take them out! They’re ideal for the busy lifestyles we lead today.
  2. Weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses
    These lenses are worn during the day and at night stored in a case with a special solution to ensure they are clean and sterile for the next day’s wear. After their allotted lifespan, they are thrown away and a new pair is worn.
  3. Extended wear contact lenses
    These are a special two or four weekly lens that you can wear for up to four weeks continuously – if your eyes are suitable.
  4. Durable lenses
    These lenses are usually fitted to people who have special requirements due to things like complicated prescriptions or some medical eye conditions. The lenses are usually made from a hard gas permeable material, but can also be a specialised soft lens.


Unlike a pair of spectacles, contact lenses rest on the eye’s surface. This can lead to problems. This is why we are required by law (and our own levels of professionalism, of course) to regularly check you and your contact lenses every year – to make sure you can wear them for many years, trouble-free.


All of our lenses can be supplied through our direct debit Care Contract. This spreads the cost with manageable monthly payments and also entitles you to special discounts only available to Care Contract members. You will also be able to buy your spectacles and sun glasses at a 20% discount, as well as cheaper contact lenses.

What are you waiting for? Contact Lenses can give you a whole new outlook on life!

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