If children have poor vision, they will find it difficult to learn at school as well as enjoy everyday activities.

Warning signs of eye problems

Research by the Optical Federation shows that one in five schoolchildren has an undetected eye problem. As 80% of a child’s learning occurs visually, it’s not over the top to suggest that many children cannot see well enough to reach their full potential. Typical warning signs are excessive blinking, squinting or peering closely at books or TV.

A child’s first eye examination

Your children should have their first eye examination before starting school. It doesn’t matter if they’re too young to talk or read a letter chart – we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve (as well as the modern equipment) to help your son or daughter to demonstrate their visual problem, even if they don’t really want to! We also encourage you (the parents or guardian) to participate in their exams, as the more you understand about their prescription and the various solutions on offer, the more you’ll be able to help them in the long-term.

There’s a wide range of frames designed specifically for young faces. Many have soft nose pads for extra comfort and spring hinges to stand up to the rough and tumble of the playground.
Even if nothing appears to be wrong with your child’s eyesight, an examination is free on the NHS for everyone under 16 (or under 19 if in full time education). And if you find that you need glasses, there is also a contribution to the cost.

We have a selection of children’s frames which are free (again, covered by an NHS voucher).

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What our customers say

“Each year I have a very thorough eye examination with full explanation throughout. When my prescription had slightly changed there was no pressure to purchase new glasses. I am very pleased with the high standard and professionalism of this optician.”

Mrs Susan Levene