Here at Stuart Gothelf Opticians you will see a qualified Dispensing Optician on completion of your eye test who will be able to offer you the best possible advice when it comes to choosing a new pair of glasses. Your choice of frame needs to be right for you in that it should compliment both the shape of your face and your skin tone. Additionally you may need to take into account your prescription and the type of lenses you require. This can add up to a daunting decision.

We always try to give you the best possible advice whilst respecting your budget.

We stock a large range of frames – some from well-known designers and some really interesting ‘not so well known’ brands. Quality is always important to us. In fact all our frames come with a minimum of one year’s guarantee.


As independent opticians we are able to prescribe lenses from all manufacturers to suit your choice of frame and budget – we aren’t tied to any particular make. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians have an in-depth knowledge of both the latest frame and lens designs available on the market today.

Current lens design is evolving all the time. There are now thinner, lighter lenses and anti-reflection coatings available that are guaranteed for two years. There have also been significant improvements in the design of varifocal lenses, such as personalised lenses designed specifically for your prescription.

There are also special lenses designed for most sport. So if you ‘re partial to a spot of cycling, skiing, diving – anything really – then we can help you enjoy your passion a little more.

There are also vocational lenses available for computer use – which offer greater comfort if you are in front of a screen all day.

We’ll be more than happy to spend time discussing the choices with you.

Different types of glasses

If you need both near and distance vision correction, then you are probably presbyopic – a condition which most people experience from their mid-40s onwards. The traditional solution is to use bifocals, but these have a sudden change in focus and a visible line across the lens.

Varifocal lenses are an increasingly popular alternative. Because they have a gradual change in their optical power, there is no disconcerting jump between your reading and distance vision. As a result, varifocal lenses give you better middle distance focus. Losing the bifocal dividing line also makes varifocals look more attractive.  The newest design of varifocal will offer you as close to natural vision as possible in a varifocal and is the very best in multifocal technology.

Most lenses can now have special coatings applied which enhance your vision and also improve the appearance of your glasses. Particularly popular are scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.

Scratch resistant and Anti-Reflection coatings

A scratch-resistant coating will prolong the life of your lenses as it protects against everyday wear and tear. An anti-reflection coating virtually eliminates the light reflected from the surface of your lenses. Not only will this make you look better (especially as there are no reflections to get in the way of eye contact) but it will also help when driving at night because it reduces glare from oncoming headlights.

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“Having been a customer of Gothelf Opticians, for over twenty five years, I would not dream of going anywhere else! Their help and advice is superb, and, where necessary, referral to further professional teams (eye hospital etc), is done, immediately!”

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