What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K is a way to correct myopia (short-sightedness) without an operation and is fully reversible.

Special hard contact lenses are worn overnight to correct the vision.  The lenses are removed in the morning for clear, natural vision during the day.

Why choose Ortho-K?

Ortho-K can help anyone suffering from shortsightedness (up to the prescription below) to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses during the day, but can be especially useful for;

  • Those who take part in a lot of activities where glasses or contact lenses are not suitable or can be uncomfortable, such as swimming, diving and cycling. They are also great if you do a lot of contact sport such as rugby or football.
  • Dry eye patients who find soft lenses uncomfortable.
  • Myopia control for children. Numerous studies have shown that Ortho-K can dramatically slow down the progression of shortsightedness in children.

Who can use Ortho-K

Ortho-K is able to correct the following degrees of shortsightedness;

  • A spherical spectacle prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D
  • Astigmatism of up to 2.50D

It’s also completely safe for children, although we would advise you to wait until the child is able to insert and remove the lenses themselves.

How is it done?

A full eye examination is carried out, followed by detailed measurements of the eyes using specialist equipment and we then order the lenses from the laboratory.  Once the lenses arrive an appointment is arranged to check the fitting.  We will also give you instructions on inserting and removing the lenses.

After the fitting

The lenses are worn overnight and an appointment follows the next morning to assess the eyes and the lenses.

A few days later another appointment is scheduled, by this time most people are seeing well without their normal spectacles. After 10 days the vision is re-assessed, normally the vision is fully corrected.

Follow Up Appointments

Usually a one monthly and a three monthly appointment follow. Then appointments are every six months.

If any problems occur, an appointment can be made as required.

Costs and commitment

We offer a FREE, 30 minute introductory chat where we can talk about your suitability and answer any questions you may have.

An initial fitting fee of £200 is charged (non-refundable), which also covers up to a maximum of 7 appointments, as necessary.  A direct debit monthly fee of £50 is then charged (starting a month after fitting) which covers;

  • New lenses every 6 months
  • 6 months of Eyedream solution ( + 2 bottles of saline and 1 trial pack ) every 6 months
  • 6 monthly – aftercare
  • 1 free replacement lens (if lost or broken) every 6 months

New lenses are supplied every six months and you are generally committed to a minimum twelve month contract.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Can I really just sleep and see?

Yes, once the effect is complete you simply remove the lenses each morning and you can see normally throughout that day.  Also, you will be able to see clearly with the lenses in, when you wake up in the morning!

How quickly will it work?

After the first night’s wear, the patient’s vision will be blurred with the lenses IN. The vision is clear when the lenses are removed.

It takes successive nights to fully correct the prescription. The lower the prescription the quicker it is achieved but normally, within a week, your sight during the day will be ‘treated’ and you will no longer be reliant on glasses or contact lenses.

Is it safe?

Yes.  Research and experience show that the whole process is totally safe and 100% reversible.  So if you decide to stop wearing the Ortho-K lenses for any reason, the eye will return to its original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again.

How is it possible to wear lenses overnight?

The lenses are made of the very highest oxygen permeable materials, for maximum comfort and safety during overnight wear.

If you would like more information, please call the practice on 020 8299 6622.

You may also find it helpful to visit www.orthoklenses.com.

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